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As you build your story characters, asking them these questions will help you get to know them....

  1. How do you feel about yourself at age ___ when the story opens?

  2. Are you in or out of harmony with your environment?

  3. Is this situation likely to change?

  4. Who are the most important people your life, and how do you relate to each of them?

  5. What do you want most that seems unattainable?

  6. What price will you pay to get it?

  7. Will you later regret the bargain?

  8. What could you scarcely bear to part with?

  9. What price would you pay to protect it?

  10. How would you react if it were lost?

  11. What must you deny or disguise, even from yourself, because you simply cannot deal with it?

  12. What do you believe that is doubtful or absolutely wrong?

  13. Name five items you carry in your pockets, purse or suitcase?

  14. Describe yourself using your own "voice": height, weight, haircolor, skintone. How do you walk? Do you have nervous traits? What expressions of speech do you use?

All character artwork © Thom Lafferty, used by permission. Visit his website!